Scout provides a cross-platform and integrated communications service spanning social, digital media and innovative marketing management. The company represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of experience in media, marketing, digital and publishing.

Scout was founded in September 2013. The business has grown rapidly and successfully services a large stable of local and international clients via a talented communications team comprised of public relations specialists.

The underlying premise of the company’s approach to PR is to offer an integrated solution that maps the persistently shifting trends within the world of business and the media landscape. Long-held relationships and friendships with members of the press – both online and otherwise – have equipped the company with a formidable network of media relationships that make for extremely high media exposure values for campaigns. PR Case Studies are available to attest to this.

Scout is a company that greatly understands the importance of strategic public relations by setting clear strategic goals and crafting PR strategy and PR management in order to support both the short-term marketing outcomes and long-term sustainability of a client’s business. We have a clear understanding of the role of public relations in marketing. Having worked with an extensive variety of brands, we are versed in helping South African businesses formulate the public image best suited to fostering their growth and success. Whether this is in the more conventional public relations and communications space or in new forms of marketing…

Thanks to the current pervasiveness of digital devices and social media, a significant element of any brand’s public image lies in its online representation. Scout has a strong understanding of this and we are dedicated to ensuring that a brand’s online presence is best suited to the interests of the business.

We specialise in assisting our clients with the management of public representation that is outside the direct control of the business itself. In the age of information, we believe that reputation must be carefully enhanced, managed and monitored – and we are there to provide the solution!




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