While we are equipped to provide a high-level professional communications service to corporate companies, we do not deal exclusively with corporates, and have several SMME clients in our stable. We distinguish between the two by defining a corporate entity by its annual turnover and the way in which it is structured. Servicing both types of companies makes us sympathetic to, and well-versed in, the internal – but different – challenges that face each of these organisations.

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of support to large corporates. We are equally comfortable working as the outsourced service provider to the Corporate Communications team, or in cases where no such team exists, we provide the 360 degree solution a company needs. If necessary, we will second a team member into the organisation.


  • Corporate public relations
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Corporate communications support for Corporate Social Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internal communications
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Shareholder communications
  • Crisis Communications

Choosing your package

Clients may select a single service offering, a “pick-and-mix” tiering, or the entire bundle. Whichever your need, we are committed to structuring the most efficient corporate communications strategies for our clients and can exhibit proficiency in this field.

We are adept at interfacing with the media and providing a service in a space where a corporate would otherwise have little control over how public perception of the company is formed.