At Scout, we offer the following trend-related services to our clients:

  • Trend research
  • Trend forecasting
  • Trend analysis
  • Seasonal trend presentations
  • Annual trend presentations
  • Industry or sector-specific trend presentations
  • Trend analysis for companies
  • Brand-specific trend forecasting

In addition to offering the above, we also incorporate these trends insights into our Marketing, PR and Social Media work for our various clients. Monitoring and utilising the latest market trends across South Africa and the globe is part and parcel of what makes a public relations strategy work. At Scout, we employ trend analysis and incorporate our learnings into our campaigns. As a company that strives to give its clients the edge over their competitors, we are committed to investigating and taking advantage of the latest trends in the lifestyle, design, d├ęcor, hospitality, food and wine sectors.

Through research, analysis, networking and industry knowledge, we gauge what the current market trends are globally and in South Africa, and use that information to influence how a particular campaign is structured and where a particular brand should be directed. We also look to trend forecasting in order to move the brands we represent into the future.

Our valued position within the field of trend analysis has been strengthened by the success of Initiated in 2012, trendtalk is a trends panel discussion, the purpose of which is for numerous expert designers and decorators to share and discuss current trends within their respective industries. Trendtalk has proven to be a rewarding platform with regards to insight into, and the dissemination of, exciting developments within various creative industries.

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