Jeannette Unite Exhibitions 2015

Scout is proud to be managing the publicity and communications for mining artist Jeannette Unite and the Jeannette Unite Studio.

For more than 15 years, Jeannette Unite has travelled to over 25 countries researching the industrial “sublime” and the secret, subterranean world of minerals.

Mining the earth for her inspiration, she brings these marvelous minerals to the surface, as it were, by incorporating them into large scale, textured artworks on canvas. Working with earth materials, mines and maps, Jeannette Unite’s geological paintings incorporate the metals and matter that first defined and continue to shape the mineral and industrial revolution.

The Jeannette Unite exhibitions 2015 that Scout has been enlisted to publicize include:


    • LAW & ORE – Youngblood Foundation, Bree Street. From 4 – 28 February 2015.


    • Blowing in the Wind – Durban Art Gallery – launch of group Mining show curated by Carol Brown. From 5 March 2015 onwards.


    • Fear and Loss: Fracking in the Karoo – Pretoria Art Museum – group show curated by Katie Du Toit. From 4 March 2015 onwards.