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Scout is delighted to announce that it recently won the pitch to represent multinational innovation and technology company, Crystal Lagoons. Scout will facilitate a trans-national PR campaign to launch of Crystal Lagoons on the African continent.

With an ever-expanding international presence, this award-winning firm boasts over 300 projects in 60 countries with offices situated in Miami, Amsterdam, Dubai and Barcelona. Crystal Lagoons has recently opened a regional office in Cape Town.

Director, Lauren Shantall says: “We are delighted to be representing Crystal Lagoons in Africa and to extend the 360◦ approach that our agency is recognized for to this unique and pioneering company. Crystal Lagoons is sure to make a considerable impact in Africa.”

Known for striking crystalline lagoons, Crystal Lagoons is a two-time Guinness World Record holder. These awards are for the iconic lagoon in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, which spans an incredible 8 hectares, and more recently, for the 12.5 hectare lagoon that is a main attraction at the luxurious Citystars El Sheikh tourist development in Egypt.

Crystal Lagoons is the industry leader in the development of breakthrough technology that allows the economically and ecologically sustainable development of crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes. Founded by influential scientist and entrepreneur, Fernando Fischmann, the company’s unique technology has been patented in 160 countries.

The enormous, incredibly clear bodies of water not only provide a recreational haven that is ideal for swimming and water sports, they are an excellent investment proposition in terms of the marked value increase they bring to a property – a fact evidenced by the marked growth that all Crystal Lagoons developments have experienced.

Similarly, low maintenance costs and energy requirements set Crystal Lagoons apart from conventional amenities. Requiring only two percent of the energy needed by conventional swimming pools and water consumption that is 30 times lower than a golf course, Crystal Lagoons offers an excellent, economically advantageous and eco-friendly alternative!

Exciting developments in the industrial application of this revolutionary technology has seen the technology put to work in the sustainable cooling of thermal power plants and other facilities as well as in the desalination industry. In addition, Crystal Lagoons has pioneered applications related to water treatment processes for the mining industry, and the direct infiltration of water into underground aquifers.