Scout is pleased to announce the exciting addition of Malaville Toys to its client portfolio and will play an active role in bringing the Malaville brand to life through PR campaigns Malaville was established by the international fashion model, business women and doll collector, Mala Bryan – originally from St Lucia in the Caribbean, but now based in Cape Town. Malaville is described as “a place of stunning beauty and make-believe,” where dreams become a reality, where play is actively encouraged, and where one can just let go and be free. Malaville may not be a physical destination, but it is a place where creative imagination is exposed to both the young and older generations.







The Malaville Debut Collection is a range of dolls that brings a more diverse representation to the doll market, by introducing a variety of brown skin tones and hair curls, coils and textures. The inspiration for Mala Bryan’s vision of creating more African dolls came after she had seen the need for more curly haired black and brown dolls, at an affordable price. “I looked to expand my own doll collection as they all started looking the same to me, but realized they are not as easy to come by,” says Bryan. “We live in a world where diversity in culture, race and colour is celebrated, so why not translate that to children through playtime from an early age?”

Certain children often set aside play time with their dolls and they take it very seriously. The use of imagination is an essential part of connecting with their dolls, and this is played out through interaction between them, their dolls and their friends.

Mala doll

Mala believes that diversity in the play world can also lead to diversity in the real world. Her aim is for the dolls to have a positive impact on societies worldwide and for the Debut Collection to make it into all doll collections of both the young and the old. “I would love for adults to play with the dolls and connect with their inner child,” Bryan concludes.

More exciting developments are yet to come for the Malaville brand with this new, spectacular range of dolls. The Malaville dolls can be purchased online from