Scout has been tasked with creating content for The Unlimited’s LinkedIn page.

The Unlimited is a Durban-based company that offers insurance plans and medical aid. From 2013 to 2015, The Unlimited was named Best Company to Work For in the Financial Services and Insurance category, part of the annual Deloitte Best Company to Work for Survey.

The company is known for its rigorous 6-month induction process and its focus not just on professional accomplishment but on physical achievement as well. It stipulates that its community members must complete a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) every year. At The Unlimited, these goals are physical feats that each person must fulfil, be it competing in the Comrades or ultimately being able to lift a particular amount of kg.

The Unlimited has assigned Scout the duty of managing its LinkedIn account, creating social media posts and writing a series of thought leadership articles to be published on this platform.

The posts range from empowering quotes on aspects pertaining to the workplace in general (leadership, teamwork etc.); news and information about The Unlimited, as well as job vacancies; and links to informative articles on subjects such as improving workplace performance and relations, and preparing for an interview or for the first day at a new job.

The thought leadership articles will be published on a monthly basis, and also vary in terms of content. Subject matter includes specific products and services offered by The Unlimited and their benefits; aspects of The Unlimited’s own particular ethos, such as the incorporation of BHAGs into the company’s work environment; and examinations of important aspects of general workplace culture.

Scout is an integrated communications agency based in Cape Town. The team boasts a range of expertise and offers a broad array of communication strategies spanning social, digital and traditional marketing and perception management.