Lauren Shantall Integrated Communications is delighted to announce that it has been appointed to manage the PR for the Design Indaba Festival of Creativity 2018. Held annually, the Design Indaba Festival of Creativity is made of up of the Design Indaba Conference and Simulcast (21-23 February 2018), and Nightscape at Design Indaba (22-24 February 2018), the latter comprising the Design Film Festival, Emerging Creatives Programme, Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA) exhibition, and a series of live performances, DJs, bands, food trucks, installations and activations.

The Design Indaba Conference and Simulcast features performances and presentations by local and international experts in numerous creative fields. Simulcast versions take place in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom and Namibia, while the main event is held at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town.

Nightscape at Design Indaba takes place nightly and promises a line-up of crowd-pulling headliners and up-and-coming artists, hailing from Africa and abroad. Ticket-holders can expect a wonderland of curated gourmet street food, DJs, VIP hospitality suites, installations, Chefs Table dinners, performers and music – all happening on the Artscape Piazza in Cape Town.

Such an abundance of creativity calls for the equally creative public relations expertise of Scout. The agency brings a wealth of innovative marketing experience to its partnership with Design Indaba, having established productive working relationships with numerous clients in the art and design industries. Furthermore, agency Director Lauren Shantall, was previously employed by the Design Indaba, having edited the award-winning Design Indaba Magazine and managed the Design Indaba Expo for two-and-a-half years.

“Working on the Design Indaba was an incredible opportunity for me earlier in my career,” says Shantall. “So it seems fitting to be able to return to the event team after almost a decade, and now that I have my own agency. I am especially excited by the Design Indaba’s new strategic direction, having seen it transform from being an inspiring “think tank” into an active and awesome “do tank”! My team and I are thrilled to throw our supoprt behind an event and entity so committed to positive social change achieved through design and creativity – as most recently witnessed in the Design Indaba’s moving Arch for the Arch project, and others like it!”