Here at Scout, we recently launched our own podcast 4U – the 4-minute University – where we ask interesting people in the creative industries 4 questions in 4 minutes.

In our first episode, we speak to Tracy Lynch, the founder of Studio Lee Lynch, Creative Director of the Nando’s Design Programme, and editor-in-chief of Nando’s Clout.

Lynch studied Visual Art at Stellenbosch university, and through years of undergraduate and postgraduate study, has developed a particular aesthetic vision, that has been the driving force behind a career built on a passion for the creative world of interiors, styled experiences and design.

Having worked in interior design, rebranding, visual communications, interior/design magazines and art direction, she has had the privilege of drawing together and working in collaboration with many varied talented people across all aspects of design and production. 


The collaborative aspect is hugely important to her and she initiated and currently curates Nando’s massive, long-term collaboration with South African designers and makers, which has involved the complete revamp of Nando’s Central Kitchen as a show case of contemporary SA design and the introduction of South African design into the restaurants across the globe. The Portal to Africa and the Hot Young Designers platform as well as Clout magazine and Clout Industry days are all facets of the project work she has contributed to and has been involved with conceptualizing, designing, communicating and implementing for Nando’s.