Scout PR & Social Media has been appointed to manage the PR, social media and monthly newsletter for Cultivate. Cultivate aims to inspire and realise a wine landscape that is made in the image of the people who live and work in South Africa. This dynamic collective opens the doors of its new Cultivate marketplace – which is located within the popular Salt Orchard complex in Salt River, Cape Town – to the public on 8 September 2021.

Cultivate was established in 2020 after in-depth research by The City ( director Zahira Asmal, who designs and leads the initiative. Through removing barriers to entry and visibility, Asmal has envisioned a way forward for Cultivate members and their accomplishments to become widely known and appreciated. This opens up the market for both members and eager consumers and businesses keen to embrace their skills and products. In short, Cultivate unlocks a world of opportunity and ushers new opportunities into the world.

The collective’s talented members – some of whom are multiple award-winners – span winemakers, producers, sommeliers, entrepreneurs and other wine professionals and consultants in wine analytical services, distribution, internationalisation, tourism and retail. Asmal made a careful and thoroughly considered selection when inviting members to join Cultivate, choosing people that, like her, also wish to see a change in the wine landscape.

She purposefully selected people from across Southern Africa, as they will in turn influence the people and places they come from, and they also bring a range of experiences and tastes to the wine industry. It was important to identify a range of skill sets and professions so that the members may learn from each other, offer each other services, and represent the collective more broadly. And, of course, there is a diverse range of Southern African cultures, languages and geographies that are represented in the membership.

The starting membership of the collective includes Banele Vakele of Tembela Wines and assistant winemaker at Savage Wines, Wade Sander of Brunia Wines, Denzel Swarts of Son of the Soil Wines & Leadership Foundation, the organic winemaker at Spier, Tania Kleintjies, Merecia Smith of Wine Analytical Services, international wine consultant Michael Gabagas, and Praisy Dlamini of HER and Adama Wines, among others. These respected industry professionals have carved out their reputation based on grit and merit, and represent a new garde, paving the way for others.

Says Cultivate member Natasha Boks: “This collective has enabled me to be part of a broader network of like-minded people that are skilled in their various fields.”

Cultivate tackles the industry’s challenges and provides viable solutions for its members via its proactive digital and physical marketplace, business incubator, and masterclass programme. For now, the digital marketplace (website, e-commerce and social media) will help members to market their products and services under the Cultivate brand – benefiting from the power of consolidated exposure.

The opening of Cultivate’s new physical marketplace is being celebrated with a not-to-be-missed Heritage Month programme (see Cultivate’s Facebook Events Page for details) during the month of September. Cultivate Marketplace is a hot new multi-purpose venue that boasts a tasting room and wine bar. 

Here, the collective’s members will have their wines promoted, retailed, and distributed, and the public can meet them in person via an ever-changing and exciting calendar of events and tastings. Plus, guests get to enjoy 35 different, delicious wines in one convenient place within the inner-city limits.

Cultivate believes in constant progress and upliftment. To allow for its members’ ongoing professional development, Cultivate’s masterclass programme focuses on essential business skills alongside organic farming, biodynamic winemaking, design, identity and internationlisation. Masterclasses, one-on-one teaching sessions, and inspiration lectures are facilitated by industry experts. The physical venue, in addition to its exciting options for the public, will also serve as a cultivating hub for professionals in the wine sector to exchange knowledge and drive business development.

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