Scout PR & Social Media has been awarded the title of PR & Social Media Agency of the Year 2020 – South Africa” at the 2020 Media Innovator Awards. The Media Innovator Awards are held annually and hosted by UK-based Corporate Vision Magazine, a digital platform to support and guide better business practices. Corporate Vision’s awards programmes recognise businesses for doing truly great things within their field.

 Katherine Benton, Awards Executive at MEA Markets, explains that the MEA Business Awards 2020 process involves an in-house research team that conducts independent research to create case files on behalf of nominees. In this instance, Scout’s “case file was built following investigations into public domain sources which were used to determine the performance, achievements and contributions of each nominee,” she states. “Once finalised, the file was presented to our judging panel for their consideration. 

To move successfully from nominee to awardee in the MEA Business Awards, there must be “evidence of expertise within a given field, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence,” Benton continues.

This ongoing commitment to excellence on the part of the Scout team has been very much in evidence for 2020, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. In January 2020, Scout won an award for social media at the AAXO Roar Awards and in August 2020, the agency was named “PR & Social Media Agency of the Year 2020 – South Africa” at the Media Innovator Awards.



Says agency Director Lauren Shantall: “We’re naturally thrilled to have been recognised – who wouldn’t be? But, our mission and vision is to serve our clients and deliver results. If we happen to win awards by doing so, then that is just an unexpected blessing and cause for celebration! I’d like to thank and honour the Scout team, the powerhouse of the agency, for their dedication and perseverance. It’s been a tough year for everyone across the globe, with no exceptions here, so a little good news is always welcome! We’d very much like to thank the MEA Business Awards 2020 for honouring Scout in this way and we will endeavour to live up to the accolade…”